Social Media Design

Mod Podge Marketing can create a cohesive design that can be applied across your different social media sites. The purpose of this is to make your "look" or "brand" recognizable to readers as they connect with you.

Packages can include:

Facebook Timeline Photos for your Author Page, Personal Page and/or your Book's Page.

Customized, convertible avatars.

Custom Backgrounds for your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and/or other social media sites.

Countdown widgets.

Promotional Design Package 

Mod Podge Marketing will collaborate with Messenger Photography, Gabrielle Carolina's photography company, to create stunning visuals to promote your novel!

Packages can include:

Cover Images & Jacket Design

Author Headshots

Swag, such as bookmarks and other promotional goodies!

Business Cards

A Book Trailer

Messenger Photography can also stage and produce a portfolio inspired by your plot.

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