Social Publicity

Mod Podge Marketing harnesses the interest of popular and esteemed bloggers and literary outlets to form a solid buzz in the reading community that will follow your book past publication. 

Social Publicity Packages Can Include:

Official Blog Tour, hosted by Mod Podge Marketing

Trailer Reveal Tour

Cover Reveal Tour

Book Blast

Trailer Reveal Blast

Cover Reveal Blast

Coordination of Appearances at local and national book stores

Coordination and management of Goodreads giveaways

Third-Party Outreach

Hosting, Publicizing and Mediating Tweet Chats, Live TV streams, Skype visits, Live interviews etc.

Social Management:

Managing social media outreach can be either a wonderful release for authors, not to mention a fun way to connect with readers, or a tiresome activity that drains creative energy. The different services of Mod Podge Marketing's social media management package appeals to both clients.

Social Management Packages Can Include:

Updating your various social media outlets by intervals. 

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