If you are interested in hiring Mod Podge Marketing, please contact Gabrielle Carolina to discuss possible campaigns.


Mod Podge Policy:

Contracted work must be completed within the time frame provided, unless otherwise stated or modified by myself.

I will do my best to be in contact, as circumstances allow.

I do not have set "office hours" as I work from my home, however I will do my best to be reachable by e-mail.

I require half of an agreed upon rate for a campaign up front. This is a non-refundable down payment and serves as time spent. The second half is due upon delivery of agreed upon services. 

I am not responsible for the reception of a campaign, however I will do my best to create enjoyable and engaging events that third parties will respond to.

I do not have set prices as each campaign varies in its nature and time required to execute services. 

Making changes to your promotional materials, or purpose, during a contracted period can result in the termination of our contract without refund. I will most likely try to work with you, however any change may result in additional time, or funds, necessary to complete a reworked campaign.

If I choose to renegotiate the rate of a campaign for the benefit of the author, half the original rate is still considered a down payment and is non-refundable.   

Promotional campaigns take a good deal of time from the author! The author's time spent on a campaign does not reflect negligence on the part of the publicist. If you are unreachable, out of town, or otherwise engaged during the process there is very little I can move forward on. 

Mod Podge Marketing is a liaison between marvelous authors and brilliant bloggers! I do my best to accommodate both. 

I represent both traditionally published, independent and self-published authors. 

Representation of media does not necessarily equal an endorsement, however I do take on passion projects as often as I can! 

You may choose not to follow the advice given to you, however consider that failure to do so may impact the success of your campaign and the publicist is not liable for such events.

Giveaways are highly recommended for best results! I use Rafflecopter to boost visibility of campaigns, particularly where it overlaps with Twitter. Refusal to include a giveaway within a campaign is at your own discression, however it is highly discouraged. 

My blog tours do not require those involved to review the book. I will ask if the author wishes to provide review copies to the tour participants. I do not require that participants post reviews, however I do ask that those who consider the book to be three-stars or above, and/or those who wish to write a positive review do so during the tour. In exchange for a review feature I do my best to make sure the positive review gains readership.

I do my best to find each post and link to it through various Mod Podge social media sites, however this is not a required service.

Rates are exchanged for service; the service in this text includes time (e-mails and non-discussion based time is included,) access to extensive Blogger roster and campaign execution and conclusion.

Low blogger or reader response to promotional events or materials does not put Mod Podge Marketing at fault. Blogger and reader participation is at the discretion of third parties and is not the responsibility of Mod Podge Marketing. 

I am a full time student working towards my masters and doctorate and take on the majority of my clients during the summer. You will also receive your best results during this season as readers are more likely available at this time.

The Mod Podge Bookshelf hosts all Mod Podge Marketing blog tours. 

I do not work full time nor do I work traditional hours or on a set schedule. I do take on more than one client at one time. I try my best to return e-mails in a reasonable time, however this will vary based on season. 

I have a large list of Bloggers eager to support MPM; you will not receive a list of those being invited to participate in events, unless a specific roster is cultivated. I contact these bloggers through MailChimp.

Do not compare the success or failures of another campaign to your own.

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